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Incense - Ingredients & Benefits!

What is Incense?

“For thousands of years, Incense fragrance has contended to be good for the soul. Now, science has proven it to be good for cognition.“ - Kerry Hughes

Incense, known for its aromatic fragrance & spiritual practices has a long history in almost every region of the world. Along with producing enthralling fragrances, incense is mostly used in accompanying yoga, meditation, or simply clearing the negative energy.

'Agarbatti', the Indian incense sticks are the most renowned incense, but raw plants such as Sage and Sweetgrass can be burnt to depict the ancient art of cleansing mind, body, and soul.


Variations of Incense

Various forms of Incense exist but the most common in use are Incense Sticks or Stick Incense. If you ever want to switch it up with the experience & practice, there are other different variants of Incense.

  • Spiral or Coils

  • Cones

  • Aromatic Wood

  • Powder

  • Sachet

  • Raw Plants

Incense Variations

Ingredients - what makes Incense Sticks so special?

The art of rolling Incense Sticks has been embraced by artisans all around the world. From Japanese Incense Sticks to Tibetan Incense Sticks, each skillfully built uses diverse ingredients.

Naturally crafted Incense maneuvers natural ingredients and herbs with no added scents, colors, or any preservatives. Employing ingredients straight from the root of nature; pure essential oils, resins, wood, petals, and dyed with organic natural dye, natural incense is soothing & calming for the mind.

  • Incense Oil

    • Agarwood

    • Jasmine

    • Rose

    • Sandalwood

  • Fragrance

    • Benzoin

    • Cedar

  • Sacred plants

    • Juniper

    • Spruce

    • Frankincense

Incense Ingredients

Incense & Benefits

Although most preponderantly incense is considered only an air freshener with multiple mental and psychological perks. The art of burning incense has variform benefits you can reap from the experience.

  • Stimulate creativity: Incense burning has the effect of calming and stimulating the mind. The fragrance has been believed to improve concentration and creativity.
  • Cleanse negative energy: Buddhist monks have been burning incense for thousands of years as a ritual to start something new to set the tone as well as to purify the atmosphere around them. Have you ever noticed the lack of concentration whilst meditating? Burning incense before exercising meditation helps you cleanse the negative energy.
  • Reduce stress & anxiety: The natural herbs used in making the incense have proven to downscale stress and calm the mind when it is anxious. For example, frankincense, a sacred resin, known to have spiritual beliefs have proven to ease anxiety via the ancient practice of aromatherapy.
  • Aids sleep: The practice of aromatherapy from burning incense has been known for its sedative effects. The fragrance from Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine are considered to fight insomnia and drift you off to sleep faster.
  • Practice mindfulness: The sweet fragrance from natural herbs can induce a peaceful state of mind allowing you to practice your ritual focusing on the present moment.




If you are looking to burn incense for any of the aforementioned benefits, make sure to do in-depth research to seek premium quality incense. As incense has taken a toll from spiritual practice to business, the use of artificial and synthetic ingredients makes it more of an air pollutant, especially when burned in an incapacious space. Looking for more natural incense made from natural organic ingredients to aid you in your spiritual journey can help you in exercising the perks of incense.  

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