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Magnetic Copper Bracelets & their benefits!

Copper, the first metal ever used by humans has a long history that dates 10,000 years back. Back then, copper served as a decorative and utilitarian tool for skilled middle eastern artisans of the 5th and 6th millennia. They fashioned this stunning orange-red metal as jewelry, utensils, tools, and weapons.

The benefits of using copper have been popular in folklore for thousands of years. Even today, copper bracelets are revered by many people when it comes to reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain. Though there are some scientific researches to question this claim. However, our customers' passionate feedback upholds that coppers with magnets are indeed salubrious. These bracelets can be worn for the treatment of diverse skin diseases or simply for therapeutic purposes as explained below.

Magnetic Copper Bracelets

Copper Therapy

The metal most widely found and used, is also one of the 25 most essential minerals in the human body. An adult must have 0.65 to 1.0 milligrams of copper per pound of the total body weight to maintain a healthy body. From processing oxygen, producing energy to stimulating collagen, and providing strength and resistance to the connective tissue, there is a long list of benefits of copper.

Copper therapy, an idea that sparked to provide a way to ingest copper into the body by wearing a copper bracelet. Can wearing copper bracelets help in copper deficiency? Studies have shown wearing pure copper bracelets to be one of the most effective ways to cure the copper deficiency and ease arthritis.

Magnetic Therapy

Sworn by over 5 million people in the United States of America including the oscar-winning actor, Leonardo Di Caprio, and the former president, Bill Clinton, magnetic therapy is widely used for multiple underpinnings. Magnetic Therapy is classified as Alternative Medicine just like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Herbalism.

The major idea of magnetic therapy is that the magnet's current in the magnetic bracelets draws the iron content of the blood to boost circulation. Improved circulation results in greater energy levels by proliferating the natural magnetic healing process & regulating the rhythmical bodily functions.

Copper with Magnets - What are the Benefits?

Couple wearing magnetic copper bracelet

The perks of copper and magnets in themselves are countless. But what if copper and magnets are brought together to cherish the strengths of both of these natural healing processes? Copper Magnetic Therapy is a well and long-established practice for quick healing, improving bodily as well as brain functions.

Combining powerful neodymium magnets with pure and high gauge copper brings together the ultimate health bracelets made from pure earthy elements. Thousands of years back, the Egyptians are believed to use copper magnetic healing to help in relieving joint pain and arthritis. Now there are thousands of people endorsing the copper bracelets with magnets being the natural healing for gazillions of health issues.

Along with the antimicrobial properties of copper and magnet bracelets, they are reckoned to be an effective medicament. The major magnetic copper bracelet benefits are lessening joint inflammation, pain, and arthritis.



Pain-relieving bracelets or copper magnetic bracelets are known to relieve inflammatory pain including pain from osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatism and arthritis are considered to be the result of copper deficiency. So with the combined benefits of copper bracelets for ingesting copper and magnets for effective pain relief, thousands of people have marked improvement in their conditions. Wearing an arthritis bracelet can help in reducing stiffness, pain, swelling, and inflammation. This fact has been recognized by Gale Encyclopedia as an ‘Alternative Medicine’.

Mineral absorption

The copper in magnetic copper bracelets embodies micro minerals such as iron and zinc. When the skin sweats the minerals from bracelets are absorbed into the bloodstream via the process of Transdermal Micronutrition (TDM). Scientia Press researchers advocate the fact of mineral supplementation and the healing benefits of magnetic copper bracelets. Alongside purveying copper ingestion in the body, the magnetic copper bracelets also help in healthy mineral absorption.

Improved Circulation

Wearing magnets has been acknowledged to promote blood circulation around the part the magnet touches the body. This has been a long-established and known fact that has been carrying out for thousands of years. Since the magnetic copper bracelets are worn around the wrist, the blood circulation is believed to be improved throughout the entire arm to your fingertips. There are myriad health issues that are induced due to poor circulation. By improving circulation with the help of pure magnetic copper bracelets, you can be able to fight the root cause of a wide range of health issues making you stronger and healthier.

Increasing Cardio-Vascular health

Copper deficiency is linked to having beaucoup cardiovascular diseases. Various researches have found copper deficiency causing an imbalance in the body leading to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. As copper is known to cross-link fibers, the major portion of the aorta and surrounding regions, makes copper the bare necessity to attest that these fibers remain intact and prevent any cardiovascular diseases. Many of the sufferers have shared their experience on how Juccini’s copper bracelets for health along with proper diet change and exercise have helped them in reducing the health risks and improving the overall health.

Healthier Immune System

    Copper and magnets, when worn on the body either as a bracelet or a ring, get absorbed into the bloodstream. Even though copper alongside other minerals, is absorbed in a negligible quantity, it still is significantly intrinsic for a healthy body. Magnetic copper bracelets are believed to negate the toxicity from other metals, create psychological balance in the body, and trigger enzymes to help create hemoglobin. All these benefits help you establish a healthier and better immune system to combat any health issues you might have to face.


    Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    When using the ancient art of healing, one should always pay attention to whether the bracelets are natural or artificially processed. The major things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect copper magnetic bracelets for you would be looking at the copper quality, magnet amount, and magnetic strength. To reap all the aforementioned benefits it is eminently imperative to choose magnetic copper bracelets made from 100% natural copper and powerful magnets.

    Juccini’s copper magnetic bracelet is made from high gauge pure copper and six powerful neodymium magnets. The bracelet is hand-forged at the foothills of the Himalayas to provide utmost benefits from the ancient art of copper magnetic healing.


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