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copper cuff bracelet
copper cuff bracelet

Copper Cuff Bracelet


⭐ UNISEX DESIGN: This copper cuff bracelet is Hand Forged with a High Gauge of 100% pure Copper. Simple yet naturally beautiful copper bracelet for Men and Women. Thick, Sturdy metal that will last for life. Includes 2 in a pack.

⭐ MAXIMUM PAIN MANAGEMENT: Wearing Copper has various health benefits, it's a very calming and positive metal and also offers relief to the source of joint-related inflammation and skin allergies. Also, help relieve symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

⭐ NATURAL NON-INVASIVE PAIN RELIEF: Very Effective Copper Bracelet is a Natural solution to arthritis providing effective and natural non-invasive pain relief for Joint Inflammation, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Fatigue, Sports Injuries, and Migraines. Copper helps regrow joint cartilage that has been lost because of arthritis, which helps cure the ailment and relieves pain.

Juccini Copper Bracelets

⭐ NON-MAGNETIC, UNCOATED, AND EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Bracelet has an open design which makes it easily adjustable to any wrist size with just a light squeeze to your most comfortable size. It is however recommended to wear tight on the wrist for the copper to be in constant touch with the skin to get maximum benefits.

⭐ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Made in Nepal. Free shipping.



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