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Handmade 6 Inches Bell Metal Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

Handmade 6 Inches Bell Metal Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl


Product Description

In India and Nepal, singing bowls are traditionally used for a variety of purposes. Their tones may be rung at home to get the mind ready for meditation. They are frequently used as a part of religious worship in Buddhist temples. Singing bowls are now frequently used in reiki therapy, crystal healing, tai chi, and yoga because some people believe the calming vibrations they produce can help with healing and mental health. The Handmade 6 "Bell Metal The Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl Musical Instrument is the ideal option if you're looking for a singing bowl that can produce a truly professional sound while still fitting into your budget.
This singing bowl offers a superior sound and high resonance that you simply won't find in any other singing bowl, making it a great choice for healing arts and other uses. The bowl is still inexpensive because of how straightforward its design is. For those looking for a high-end instrument at a reasonable price, it's truly the best of both worlds.
  • The bowl's incredible clear tones are produced by hand craftsmanship.
    Unlike cheap imitations sold on the market, this bowl is made of five different metals, and even the interior is beautifully embossed.
  • Playing stick and a mat cushion are included in the full set (cushion color pattern may vary) 
  • created for beginners, making it simple to play
  • Measures 3 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter.



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