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High Power Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Double Row
High Power Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Double Row
High Power Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Double Row

High Power Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Double Row


ULTRA STRENGTH HEMATITE:  This hematite magnetic bracelet is three times more effective than comparable bracelets because it contains the strongest magnetic hematite beads currently available on the market. As a safe and effective alternative medicine, magnetic therapy bracelets have been used to relieve pain, lower inflammation, improve circulation, increase positive energy, and much more!

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our hematite magnetic bracelet is made by hand using sturdy 8 mm hematite beads and a stainless steel charm on a nylon string. Hematite stones are frequently used in crystal healing as a calming stone to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety by sucking up negative energy from your body.

Adjustable Size: The magnetic bead bracelet can be made to fit most wrist sizes by pulling the dangling string ends. The design of this bracelet was intended to appeal to both men and women. The bracelet fits wrists between 6.25 and 8.75 inches in circumference (Small to Large).

This is an ideal gift option because it includes a velvet pouch, a user guide, and a magnetic healing bracelet. It is, without a doubt, the ideal present for any friend or family member.

Our Double Row 8mm magnetic bead bracelet is made by hand on a sturdy nylon string made entirely of nylon, and it is finished with a lock made of stainless steel. This hematite bracelet can be opened by pulling in opposite directions on the beads closest to the knotted lock and closed by pulling in opposite directions on the small, dangling hematite beads.

Product Specifications:

  • Fits wrists 6.25 inches to 8.5 inches in size (16cm - 21.5cm)
  • 8mm beads in hematite (34 Total Beads)
  • 2,000 gauss per bead is the gauge rating (68,000 total gauss strength)
  • Natural Black Polished Hematite is its color.

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