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Tibetan Singing-meditation-healing Bowl

Tibetan Singing-meditation-healing Bowl


Lead (representing Saturn), tin (representing Jupiter), iron (representing Mars), copper (representing Venus), mercury (representing Mercury), silver (representing the Moon), and gold (representing the Sun) are the precious metals that are typically found in alloys used to forge Tibetan bowls (the Sun). The tone, vibration, and quality of the sound produced by the bowl are influenced by the size of the bowl and the proportion between the metals.

Tibetan singing bowl sound therapy is a traditional method of rejuvenation. The first bowls were used in the Far East 6,000 years ago and were crafted from an alloy of different metals. Spiritual travelers in the Himalayas first heard about the mysterious acoustic phenomenon known as Tibetan singing bowls. 

The bowl makes the sound "ommmmm," which awakens the fundamental DNA codes and activates those that we haven't yet noticed or have been suppressed. One of the best musical instruments for sound therapy and vibrational healing is the Tibetan singing bowl. They are known as "singing bowls" because their ethereal sound lingers long after we have finished using them.



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