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How to Meditate with your Tingsha Bells?

You might have heard about Tingsha meditation bells from one of your colleague in Yoga class or you just got captivated with the high pitched sound these bells produced in your meditation session. Tingsha Bells have been preferred by thousands of meditation practitioner to enhance their focus and sometimes used as a tool in sound therapy.  

Enacting the art of meditation with the use of sound helps put your mind into a meditative state. Though meditation bells have been used for thousands of years, it is still unknown to the many who are just starting to pave their spiritual journey. Mindfulness bells should be used correctly to truly experience the perks of the ancient art of meditation.


Sound & Meditation

The chime bells, tingshas, and the singing bowl is considered to be the meditation enhancer as it helps the mind to release the gratuitous mindset and keep the heedfulness to the current moment.

The practitioners swore that the sound produced by meditation bells promotes a sense of calmness and peace. The ancient culture practiced the use of sound to ease anxiety. Bells and chimes sound awakens your mind and puts you at the moment. Now, many cultures all around the world have esteemed the power of sound and music impels calmness, peacefulness, mindfulness, and meditation.

Sound and Meditation

Benefits of Sound in Meditation

From breaking the persistent churning of your mind to accompanying you in indulging your whole self into the meditative spirit, the relationship of sound and meditation dates thousands of years back. In the form of meditation chants or mantras, the vibrations of sounds are used to influence the energy of your body. Advanced Buddhist meditators practice meditation using these vibrations claiming the chakras and channels of our body awakens which move our deepest energies and consciousness.

The benefits of meditation have now been proven by science which includes maintaining heart condition, managing mental health, insomnia, addiction, stress, chronic pain, and headaches, to name a few. Using sound in your daily mindfulness activities have a lot of health and psychological mileages.

  • Meditation Enhancer: Practicing the art of meditation has plenteous benefits you can reap if you put your whole self in focusing on your well-being. Using the sound of Tingshas, Chime Bells, and Singing Bowl can help you break your thoughts and make your mind attentive to your well-being. The relentless swirling of the mind can be brought back to reality so that you can put all your efforts into practicing mindfulness.
  • Cleanse the Negative Energy: Tingshas and Chime sounds have been used by Buddhists to cleanse the negative energy gyrating around them. The vibrations created by the bells for meditation are heard by the body that moves your consciousness, energy levels, and helps in cleansing the negative energies.
  • Eases Anxiety: Tibetan bells have been used since ancient times to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Breaking the chain of thoughts with the vibrations produced via the bells for meditation helps the mind become present and drives the attention to the moment. This exercise is eminently helpful to those who have overthinking issues, resulting in helping with anxiety and depression.
Sound and Meditation

How to use Chime Bells?

Meditation bells have gained quite popularity in the last few years. It has been a hot topic for many yogis who envisage the use of meditation bells for enhancing the art of meditation. Chime bells produce a unique sound that captivates one’s mind and attention to focus on the moment and oneself. Chime bells have been used by Buddhists as a part of their daily meditation practices since ancient times.

However, to reap all the virtue of using sound in your meditative practices, you should know the correct way to meditate with your Chime Bells. Here, Juccini explains the top 4 ways to use your Chime Bells to enhance your meditation.

  • Mark the beginning: The meditation bells are used to mark the beginning of your meditation session. Our minds are the wanderer! Before indulging in the art of meditation, alerting your mind about the commencement of the practice helps the wandering thoughts to align together.
  • Mark the end: On a similar note, the mindfulness bells are used to mark the end of your session. The bell is rung a couple of times to introduce the end of the session.
  • Clear the space: The bells are rung ceremoniously to create a pure atmosphere and encourage deeper meditation. The bells are struck at the beginning of the session to ward off the negative energies.
  • Keep your focus: The chime bells are used as an alternative to concentrating on the breath. They are rung and rubbed continuously to produce the ephemeral sound as a focal point of meditation.

Chime Bells


As meditation progresses the most fundamental axis of us, trying genuine and authentic meditative processes can aid in better results. If you are having trouble focusing on your well-being during this self-discovery process, try incorporating the meditation bells into your routine. Let us know how it affected your sessions or share your journey with us through our social media accounts. 

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