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About Us

Tenzing Norbu Lama founded Juccini in 2015 with artificers of Kathmandu, Nepal whom he met when he traveled to Nepal to bring forth antiquated Tibetan mindfulness practices he learned during his journey of self-discovery.

Being a victim of FOMO, i.e., Fear of Missing Out, the real-life experiences of mental and emotional malaise faced by Tenzing Norbu Lama led him to set out on an adventure of self-enlightenment. He spent 7 years in search of the true meaning of life and happiness to remediate his angst. Nepal, an alluring nation endorsed Tenzing Norbu Lama in his odyssey, which is the underpinning of the establishment of Juccini. 

The self

The physical, mental, and emotional vigour is immensely influenced by our spiritual shape. Tenzing Norbu Lama, in his journey, was able to unfold the end of everyday struggles by strengthening the connection between the MIND, BODY, & SOUL. Simply put, spiritual practice is the feeling of connectedness and human experience that touches us all. Emotional and mental wellbeing is about cultivating a peaceful state of mind. All aspects of wellbeing, emotional, mental, and physical overlap and affects one another. Unable to balance the virtue of life cumulates in self-loathing and unhappiness.


For it is giving that we receive

Technology has enabled us to keep up with eclectic information on diverse topics. However, this insatiable need to know and be updated with everything has deteriorated our mental well-being. This unpleasant state of inner turmoil resulted in mental and emotional dysfunction in Tenzing Norbu Lama.

Nepal, the stories he heard from his descendants, the stories of high ranges of the Himalayas, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, and the endowment of nature is what made Tenzing Norbu Lama fixated on traveling to his native country. The entrancing nation held artistry in its people, mountains, diversity, and amiableness. It was adept to hold Tenzing Norbu Lama’s attention in his journey to various Buddhist monks and Gumbas. He exercised manifold mindfulness modalities which assisted him in his path of self-enlightenment. With the passion to bring forth the magnificence Nepal is and how it abetted in his journey of self-discovery, Tenzing Norbu Lama was adamant to convey the lessons he learned and repay back to his motherland. Propagating the valuable teachings with Authentic Products all the way from the Himalayas used by Buddhist monks for hundreds of years would direct people like him to pave their way to inner peace.


Our Mission

Our major purpose for establishing Juccini is to guide people in their journey of spiritual practices and the path of self-enlightenment by sharing proven techniques used by Buddhist monks for hundreds of years. The world where technology promises us to connect has led to real-life isolation. It is eminently easier to lose ourselves in the process of looking for the future. Nurturing oneself in the present moment is what we’re missing and what we want to enunciate.

The more you give, the more content you’ll be. Here at Juccini, we believe in good karma. We try to reciprocate happiness to the world, which is why providing employment opportunities to the marginalized community in Nepal has been another core mission from the get-go. The love, empathy, and good wishes from each human being we support can change the world and spread the word of humanity.

Social Handles

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